Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jeepers Trick or Treat Felt Bag

I couldn’t help falling in love with The Queen of Quirk’s Jeepers Accent and Paper Packs from jessicasprague.com.  The images are to die for.  It was just the kit I needed this Halloween to inspire me to make a trick or treat bag.  I’ve always wanted to but this was the kit to do it with and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to make another one.  Gwen has her mind set on this one, Raiden is going to want one, and I think I want one for me, too.  Using Crystal Wilkerson’s Tons of Scallops Template Kit helped me put together a pretty decent design for which to insert the images.  All around, this project was a joy to put together.

I found a pretty easy tutorial to follow online to construct the bag.  I changed things up a bit here and there, like measurements, and using images printed on Fabric Stick instead of the felt shapes.  Also, I like using my pinking shears whenever possible when using felt.   Here’s the link to the tutorial:  kristamaurer.com

trick or treat bag large

Jeepers Trick or Treat Felt Bag Supplies

Jeepers Accent Pack and Jeepers Paper Pack by The Queen of Quirk at jessicasprague.com.

Crystal’s Tons of Scallops Template Kit by Creativity by Crystal at jessicasprague.com.

Other Supplies used:  Fabric Stick, Black felt, white felt, black embroidery thread, sewing machine, and pinking shears.

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