Thursday, February 13, 2014

BE MINEcraft Valentines Wrapper (Pinterest-Inspired)


This year for Gwen and Raiden’s Valentines I used a free printable I found perusing Pinterest for Minecraft-inspired valentines.  The AWESOME Free Printable can be found here:

Most years we do DIY valentines and I’m so glad to have found the above printable.  Once I downloaded the PDF, I converted it to a cut file for my Silhouette.  After all, DIY doesn’t have to be strenuous, does it?  My printer/Silhouette did all of the printing-and-cutting for us.  We just had to score, fold, and adhere to the box.  Also added was a sticker for each of their names to the boxes which was also done with my Silhouette using their white sticker paper.  We did 68 of these babies, 32 for Gwen’s class and 36 for Raiden’s.  Aren’t they just adorable?!

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