Monday, June 21, 2010

Look what ModPodge and Digi Can Do!

We’ve been doing some late spring/early summer cleaning around the house lately and sprucing things up a bit.  It’s really improved my family’s mood and is helping us get ready for the coming Summer season with all of the activities we have planned for the kids’ time off from school.  The reward for me has been updating things here and there using ModPodge and digital products from

We started by updating  the look of Gwen’s activity table in her room. We printed some of the Gingham Paper Pack in Crystal Wilkerson’s Funky Fresh Paper Collection #2, cropping them in different sizes, and then ModPodging them to the table in a random fashion.  Gwen got a kick out of watching me add the papers and helping me do the layout of the pieces.  I wish I had snapped a before-and-after picture, but I was so excited to get started, I completely forgot.  Before, it was just a plain white table, so now it’s much more fitting for the princess that is Gwen—LOL!


After updating for Gwen, we had to do something for Raiden, too.  He was feeling a bit left out.  I found the shelf below at EcoThrift for $1.75—can’t beat that.  We took it home, printed paper from Crystal Wilkerson’s Oh Boy! Papers The ABC’s, and ModPodged them inside the frame of the shelf.  My little boy, Raiden, was thrilled helping me create this shelf custom-made just for him. 


Clicking the above pictures will take you directly to the paper kits we used in the store.   I’ve got a lot more planned for our home, so be on the look out for more home decor posts.  Hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation with your children—we are!

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